Virtual Day-in-the-Life Exercises

Using our VirtualACTM platform, participants are asked to respond to information that is presented through a variety of formats, such as emails, video messages, voicemails, calendar items, documents and organisation charts. This ‘Day-in-the-Life’ format provides an immersive candidate experience, whilst allowing for a comprehensive assessment of a candidate across multiple exercises and competencies.

Each Virtual Day-in-the-Life Exercise includes three components:

  • Inbox – each email represents a typical daily work issue, varying in importance and complexity.
  • Analysis exercise – Verbal and numerical information is analysed by the participant who will then report their conclusions and recommendations.
  • Roleplay – Participants take part in a performance management meeting with a direct report or colleague (over the phone).

Assessors can mark the participant’s exercise online using our structured marking system, leave comments about their performance and our SmartScoringTM formula can suggest a rating automatically for each competency being assessed.

Once marking is completed, you can generate a PDF Assessor Report on demand, summarising an individual’s performance on the exercise.

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Why use Virtual Day-in-the-Life Exercises

Saving you time and money – administer and mark exercises quickly and easily in any location, giving you a fast process with global consistency.

Helping you make high-quality decisions – akin to an online assessment centre, the multiple exercise format allows you to comprehensively assess the Participant on key competencies for your given role.

Promoting your employer brand – Virtual Day-in-the-Life Exercises provide an engaging, immersive, and realistic assessment experience for the Participant, enhancing your employer brand.

Tailored to your needs – Convert your existing exercises to be delivered virtually through the platform or new exercises can be built based on your organisation’s requirements and the job in question.

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Exercises currently available

  • Strides Customer Engagement Manager – Level C (First Line Management). Set within a luxury international gym and health club chain, the Participant assumes the role of the newly-appointed Customer Engagement Manager within the Marketing team. Click here to find out more >>
  • Golden Square – Level D (Middle Management). This exercise is set within Professional Services firm, Golden Square. The Participant assumes the role of a newly-appointed Senior Manager. Click here to find out more >>
  • GC Regional Manager – Level D (Middle Management). In this exercise, the Participant assumes the role of the newly-appointed Regional Commercial Manager for Groupe Chamont, an international manufacturer of soft drinks. Click here to find out more >>
  • Seigo’s Head of Strategic Change – Level E (Executive and Senior Management). Within this day-in-the-life exercise, the Participant assumes the role of the newly-appointed Head of Strategic Change at Seigo, an international toy manufacturing company. Click here to find out more >>

Virtual Day-in-the-Life Exercises in action

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