Management Dilemmas™

Online Sifting and Assessment Tool for Management Roles

Management Dilemmas™ is an online Situational Judgement Test (SJT) that can be used in many ways:

  • At the initial sifting stage of a recruitment campaign
  • As part of an assessment event
  • As a diagnostic tool in high potential leadership development programmes
  • To help managers in their current roles to improve their self-awareness and personal effectiveness

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Fast, effective online assessment and reporting

The test measures an individual’s judgement and decision making skills in typical managerial scenarios, and then generates a comprehensive feedback report against four key competencies, each comprising two sub-categories:

  • Leading Others – Motivating Others, Making the Right Call
  • Planning and Coordinating – Making Plans, Organising Work
  • Managing Performance – Delivering Results, Improving Performance
  • Managing Relationships – Working with Others, Handling Difficult Situations

Management Dilemmas can also be used for development – read how here.

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