Bespoke Competency Based Interviews

Combined the benefits of our popular CBI-Smart platform with your own established interview practices to create bespoke competency based interviews. We can give verified Interviewers access to your interview materials, and the ability to create and print Interview Guides, anywhere in the world.

  • Reduce time spent preparing and marking interviews
  • Standardise processes through more consistent use of your materials
  • Branded user interface and interview documentation
  • International language translation service
  • Independent hosting option

Mini case study: Vodafone Group

CBI-Smart - Competency Based Interview case study - Vodafone

A solution was required which would allow recruiters to access Vodafone interview materials online , as well as storing Interview Guides for reference and re-use.

“Delivering the necessary tools to create our Interview Guides, online, using Vodafone’s language and distinctive brand saves time and has helped to standardise the way we conducted interviews across the company, all over the world.”

Deborah Preston Global Resourcing and Development Board Manager People Capability, Vodafone.

Is a bespoke interviewing solution right for me?

Do you want to improve interviewing standards across your organisation, by ensuring that approved interviewers are using Competency Based Interview materials unique to your organisation, correctly, every time?

If you already have a company-wide competency framework and CBI questions, or are considering creating them, you will want to make sure that these tools are used to best effect. Our CBI-Smart platform can help.

Alternatively, you may want our Consultants to help create a set of interview materials unique to your organisation or to provide training to interviewers to help them get the best from these materials.

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