Business Sim® – Serious Business Games

Dynamic, engaging and realistic group exercises for assessment and development centres

Business Sim® offers a new way of delivering group based exercises by digitally presenting various displays of information throughout the exercise for participants to respond to. For participants, this provides a high-fidelity, challenging, interactive, immersive and engaging experience. For assessors, it allows scoring of a wide range of behaviours, knowledge and skills in a truly dynamic and realistic environment.

Why use Business Sim?

  • Realistic, interactive and engaging – generates and displays constantly changing information and realistic scenarios for participants to respond to, providing a positive and dynamic candidate experience
  • Cutting edge – presents and updates information in contemporary communication formats including email, social media, instant messages and video
  • Saving you time and money – minimal facilitation is needed, saving you time as well as the costly resource of role-players
  • Accuracy and consistency – exercise content is pre-recorded, removing the risk of human error and giving you consistency across multiple centres
  • Validity – helps to tap into difficult to measure behaviours, such as learning agility and judgement

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