Online Assessment Platform

Apollo is a&dc’s online platform, which enables users to administer online assessments to Participants.

It allows you to invite Participants to take online tests, questionnaires or exercises, track their progress  and view results at any point in the assessment project quickly and easily.

Apollo can also be integrated with the market leading applicant tracking systems, providing a seamless experience for candidates and technical continuity for your selection process.

Apollo’s simple, user-friendly design enables administrators to:

  • Create online assessment projects, including specifying reminder and close dates,  project email messages and which administrators are assigned to the project
  • Assign Participants to projects, by adding Participants individually or uploading a batch of multiple Participants in one go
  • Invite Participants to complete online assessments, either by sending an automatic email invitation from Apollo or giving each Participant a unique web link that they can use to self-register on the site
  • Send automated reminders to Participants if they have not completed the nominated assessment by a set date
  • View and download Participant scores from assessments using our professional PDF reports or a project data file that can be imported easily into Microsoft Excel®

ANNOUNCEMENT: From 1st April 2017, the price of credits to use across online products on our Apollo platform will increase by just 4p: from 56p to 60p per credit. The price of credits has not increased for two years and this will mean a small assessment cost increase per participant, so take advantage today and buy credits for online tools to help you select, recruit and develop your talent.  Plus, if you pre-purchase credits in bulk, you can save up to 75% on the full price!

Contact us to find out more by calling +44 (0)1483 752 900 or email us: info@adc.uk.com

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