Product Registration Policy

a&dc is dedicated to ensuring that our products are used by fellow professionals to the highest standards of integrity and with a commitment to following best practice. We therefore ask potential users of our products to register with us so that we can evaluate their relevant experience and levels of expertise in this field.

The completion of our AC-EXS and VirtualAC Registration Form helps us to protect the interests of all users of our products, including participants who complete a test, questionnaire or simulation exercise under the direct or indirect supervision of a Registered User. The form is used to determine whether we can accept your registration without further training, from either a&dc or other reputable suppliers.

Registrations relating to AC-EXS and VirtualAC

The following will be acceptable without further training:

  • Training by a&dc or other established reputable practitioners in the design and administration of Assessment and Development Centres (the Assessor Skills and Centre Design & Management training courses).
  • The ability to demonstrate a reasonable level of experience in organising and running Assessment/Development Centres over the last 5 years.

We would not accept a potential user of our Exercises whose only training has been in the area of Psychological Testing at Level A or B (test administration, personality assessment) because these assessments are very different from the Assessment and Development Centre method.

Please note that in relation to AC-EXS and VirtualAC registration, you will be registered with a&dc as an individual. This does not confer any transferable rights to an organisation, but you will be able to transfer individual rights. Should you change role or move to a new organisation, please ensure you contact us to update your details.

We reserve the right to refuse the supply of materials to users who, in our opinion, have insufficient knowledge to use them proficiently.

Registrations relating to a&dc’s Online Tests & Questionnaires

We are firmly committed to achieving high standards in administering our materials, interpreting participants’ results on assessment tests or questionnaires, and providing feedback to participants. We therefore require that test users have the necessary qualifications and experience required by us, and where relevant by professional bodies such as the British Psychological Society (BPS) or equivalent recognised professional bodies outside of the UK.

Users of our Online Tests & Questionnaires will be expected to comply with our Guidelines for Ethical Use of Online Tests & Questionnaires. These guidelines form an integral part of our Product Registration Policy.

We reserve the right to refuse access to our online assessment tools to users who, in our opinion, have insufficient knowledge to use them proficiently.