Exercise Validation

The nature of Assessment & Development Centre Exercises and the ways in which they can be used is very different to the highly standardised way in which psychometrics are used.

Whilst psychometrics lend themselves to normative comparisons, the same is not true for Assessment & Development Centre Exercises.

a&dc’s 25 years of Assessment experience can reassure you of the validity of our products.

  • We know that the format of our Exercises work effectively as they have been used successfully for many years, in hundreds of organisations
  • Many of our clients have a long history of purchasing our products and we can provide references on request
  • We recommend that you trial our Exercises to ensure that they measure the competencies required and to provide you with an internal benchmark
  • If you are still concerned about the question of validation, we strongly suggest that you follow best practice and undertake an internal validation study to establish the validity of the Exercises for your explicit purpose within your organisation. a&dc will be delighted to help you with this if required

For a more comprehensive answer to the question of validation, please refer to the AC-EXS Catalogue.