AC-EXS® Assessment Centre Exercises

AC-EXS is the world’s widest range of ready-to-use assessment centre exercises and assessment centre activities.

If you are part of an in-house recruitment team filtering through candidates for a new role, look no further: the AC-EXS product range is specifically designed to give you the predictive power to find the right people for your organisation.

Covering all work situations, our business simulation exercises and assessment centre group exercises use multiple competencies, industry sectors, business functions and career levels, saving you time and money previously spent on bespoke design.

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The AC-EXS range of over 200 assessment and development exercises is now available to purchase and download online now – visit the store to select your exercises.

ANNOUNCEMENT: From 1st April 2017 the price of our AC-EXS exercises will increase by a small margin. Click here to view the updated price list. Prices have not increased for two years, so if you have any unused year-end budget, take advantage today by purchasing exercises for your upcoming assessment and development needs at the current, lower price – you have until the end of 31st March 2017!

Customised Assessment Centre Exercises

For total accuracy and realism we also design bespoke or customised exercises that are specifically related to your organisation’s assessment process.

Our off-the-shelf exercises cover a huge variety of business situations, but we know how beneficial it can be to address the individual circumstances of your organisation with total accuracy.

We design bespoke or customised exercises specifically for your assessment process.

Bespoke Assessment Centre Exercise Design

We can design assessment centre exercises which are unique to your organisation. These can be used any number of times and are guaranteed to give you the most reliable insight into how successful candidates will perform once in the role.

Even in very short timescales, we can tailor one of our existing ready-to-use AC-EXS exercises to more accurately meet your needs. Often this involves making only minor changes, but which can serve to make your exercises much more representative of the job role. In the majority of cases changes are free of charge. These include:

  • Changing the names of people, places, business functions or job titles
  • Including your company logo or other branding
  • Changes to the timings of exercises to better suit your timetable

Assessment Centre Exercise Customisation

Customised assessment centre exercises represent a half-way house between ready-to-use and bespoke solutions. Customisation involves adapting existing exercises to better reflect your company competencies and criteria.

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Development Centre exercises

Looking to develop staff internally for future roles? We have that covered too with AC-EXS Development Centre Exercises.

“Having AC-EXS Assessment Centre Exercises already prepared makes designing a Centre a lot quicker and much less stressful.”
Belinda Cawte, Training Manager, The Money Shop


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