Selecting Employees for Redundancy or Redeployment

Fair and Objective Selection for Redundancy

If you have to take the unenviable decision to downsize or re-deploy your workforce, we recommend that you implement a fair and objective process to ensure that you make the right decisions for the future of your business:

  • Implement highly objective and standardised processes, free from bias and fair to all participants
  • Help to select employees for redundancy by assessing performance against clearly defined job-related competencies
  • Use appropriate simulations which reflect demands in the current or future job
  • Deliver processes with suitably qualified, skilled and experienced a&dc assessors, or develop in-house assessor capability with our tailored training courses
  • Consider performance systematically so that agreed selection decisions are made and, where appropriate, strengths and development needs identified
  • We also recommend that organisations making redundancies consider support for leavers, for example developing individual resilience

“During what was a very intense period, with staff emotions running high, a&dc worked closely with Arts Council England’s HR team to deliver this programme. With tight turnaround times and ever changing circumstances, their flexible approach was invaluable. a&dc remained in constant communication with us and were able to handle queries almost immediately.  I feel that we have been able to build excellent working relationships with the a&dc team and I am sure this will continue to grow.”
Diane Cunney, Head of HR Service Centre, Arts Council England

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