Mobile-first assessment in a digital native world

PSI and Grad DNA – partnering to give you agile mobile-first assessment solutions

PSI and Grad DNA have partnered to provide mobile-first assessment solutions, helping you to enhance candidate engagement and drive diversity in your applicant pool. Grad DNA are experts in mobile assessment and have developed a unique mobile approach to deliver tests that match candidates to job roles.  This innovative technology delivered through a mobile app, will help you to engage with candidates and communicate your employee value proposition at the earliest stage of the selection process.

Are your assessments designed for mobile?

Desktop assessments risk losing your best candidates. Research has found that over three-quarters of students prefer to complete psychometric assessments on their smart phones, and Ofcom (2017) reports that “for most people, mobile devices are their most important device for accessing the internet” and that “the smartphone is the device that adults are most likely to own (76%)”.

Dedicated mobile apps are much easier to engage with – invariably because they have been developed with the user in mind, so they are simply more likely to be used.  For large volume recruitment, such as graduate assessments and early careers assessments, ‘designed-for-mobile’ assessment is now essential for selecting the best candidates.

Why use mobile-first assessment?

  • Aids your attraction – from the very first point of contact, candidates get a fresh and easy experience. The unique app is designed for multiple formats and a smaller screen size, so no need to zoom in on tiny content.
  • Promotes inclusion – with such widespread uptake of smart devices, you are ensuring your reach of potential applicant pools is maximised.
  • Boosts your brand with instant feedback – once an assessment is complete, the candidate can get instant specific feedback on their results, contributing to their development.

Why Grad DNA?

Grad DNA are leaders in mobile-first assessment design.  Their mobile app allows job seekers to take assessments on their smartphone and be matched to opportunities, at which point candidates can preview a job description and start their application, all within a few clicks from their mobile device.

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