Games based assessment solutions

PSI and Totem Learning – partnering to give you world-class games based assessment solutions

PSI and Totem Learning have partnered to provide games based assessment solutions. Totem Learning develop  serious games based assessment solutions that are rooted in a deep understanding of learning psychology combined with great game design.

Are your assessments predictive, engaging and dynamic?

The best assessment solutions focus on a comprehensive understanding of what success-in-role looks like.  This success profile, together with the latest robust assessment science, enables PSI to create assessment solutions that drive individual performance through immersive and interactive technologies. Games based assessments are one of the emerging assessment technologies that we are embracing in our partnership with Totem Learning.

Games based assessments are purpose-built assessment solutions utilising principles of ‘game design’ to gather behavioural, cognitive and motivational data points for job applicants in an immersive and dynamic format. Through blending the science of selection with state of the art virtual environments we can embed game-like elements into our award winning simulations and scenarios based screening tools, through to fully tailored gamified or virtual reality solutions.

Why use games based assessments?

  • Provides rich insight – evidence of a candidate’s behaviours and abilities can be gathered through dynamic situations and a rich variety of data points.
  • Gives a realistic job preview – potential fit with the role and culture of your company can be identified with a well-designed game which represents the environment of the company and demands of the role.
  • Enhances candidate attraction – gives you a competitive edge when seeking top talent.

How to ensure you’re introducing games based assessments that add value

  • Understand your business drivers for using serious games in assessment – build a games based assessment that focuses on the quality of hire metrics that matter to you and your organisation including, performance in role, culture fit, candidate engagement & applicant diversity.
  • Focus on identifying the highest performers – any assessment process needs to focus on the drivers of performance. This provides the foundation for assessment design.
  • Recognise the tension: experience versus perceived job relevance – there can often be tension between candidate experience and their feelings about whether an assessment is job-relevant. Relevance will have a positive business impact and lead to higher performing employees.

Why Totem Learning?

Totem Learning deliver outstanding products whilst maintaining a childlike curiosity about the world, drawing inspiration from games and entertainment and channeling it into serious game design. Totem Learning are a forward-thinking dynamic team, with one of their serious games winning the European Serious Games Award 2016. They have also been shortlisted for the Best Learning Game at the Learning Technologies Awards in 2017.

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