SIFT: Multi-stage process to help you Screen Individuals for Fit and Talent

Future-proof your high volume recruitment strategy with our made-to-measure solutions that pinpoint the right candidates more quickly and more cost effectively.

SIFT: multi-stage process to help you screen individuals for fit and talent

Our innovative assessment solutions utilise our unique Success Blueprint methodology, delivering rigorous and fair content through flexible and engaging technology.

We have extensive expertise in designing custom content to meet our client’s needs, informed by the latest science and predictive analytics.  Through our online platform, we can draw on a wide range of ready-to-use catalogue content, utilising unique workflows to deliver integrated and seamless candidate experiences.  As the largest global talent measurement organisation, we have the largest range of assessment tools that can be customised to your specific role requirements, organisational context and purpose.

Here are some examples of assessments we create for the candidate’s journey:

  • Online Registration Questionnaires and Eligibility Screens – these can be custom or ready-to-use via our PAN platform.
  • Realistic Job Previews – providing insight into key role requirements delivered via video or even VR!
  • Behavioural Screening – use our 16pf personality questionnaire to measure critical role characteristics.
  • Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) – we are the leading partner in designing and delivering text based, audio and video SJTs; we are the first to develop item banked SJTs on PAN.
  • Ability TestsThe Smart Aptitude Series measure verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning, using a unique bias detection to ensure the tests are fair.
  • Multicomponent Assessments – combining aspects of preference, ability and judgement within one simulation, avoiding the need for candidates to complete multiple assessments.
  • Multimedia Assessments – utilising game design principles from our partners, specialising in immersive assessments.
  • Mobile-First Assessments – utilising mobile technology from our partner, Grad DNA, to enable candidates to take assessments designed for mobile.
  • Greatest Certainty – measuring the business impact of your assessment solutions and continuously improving as appropriate.

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