Competency Development

Help in designing your own competency framework

Competency frameworks set out and define the competencies and behaviours required by employees working within an organisation at a specific level, function or department.  Having an up-to-date and robust framework is critical to the successful recruitment, development and retention of your staff and has the benefit of ensuring consistency across the organisation of how all staff are evaluated, developed and how recruitment decisions are made.

Competency frameworks are often seen as a ‘separate HR process’ that don’t align with business needs or they don’t work for all departments add/or functions. Therefore, the framework itself needs to be designed to complement your existing HR processes, and this could mean the design of an organisation-wide framework that differentiates the requirements per level, or per function. A well-designed framework should account for the differences across the organisation, as well as future potential, and should, account for the specific requirements of your leaders and be aligned to your business strategy.

Here at a&dc, we know it’s a big job and that’s why we’re here to help. We have expertise in developing competency frameworks for a wide range of industries, with clients including Sainsbury’s, Fullers, Royal Bank of Scotland, European Space Agency, CAYSH, Leeds NHS and PDSA. We’ll work with you to adapt and develop your existing framework, or create a new one from scratch – no matter what your business size. Should the design of a bespoke framework not be right for you, our own Global Behaviour Framework provides you with pre-defined competencies at different levels to use with your own or a&dc’s tools.

Our approach to the design of a robust competency framework follows a multi-method, best practice approach; starting with getting an understanding of your business, culture, strategy and values through initial conversations and desk-based analysis. Dependent on the appropriateness of involving stakeholders and customers, we use online questionnaires, focus groups and face-to-face interviews to understand and explore the task, skill and behavioural requirements specific to your organisation. A future focused exploration with your senior leaders, future-proofs the framework, ensuring it is aligned to your business strategy. This information is analysed by our experienced Occupational Psychologists to create a competency framework that is specific to your organisation and also reflects your culture and branding.

Once your competency framework is in place, you’ll have a basis with which to start assessing and developing – using best in class tools such as Assessment Toolkits, Situational Judgement Tests, Competency Based Interview Guides, Assessment and Development Centre Exercises, Virtual Assessment Centres and Dynamic Group Exercises.

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