Assessment Centres

Using business simulations, interviews and psychometrics, assessment centres greatly increase your chances of selecting or promoting the right candidate and reduce the risk and cost of failed recruitment.

A wide range of ready-to-use products are available for you to build your assessment centres in-house, or come to us for an assessment centre designed bespoke for your organisation.  a&dc’s solutions will enable you to:

  • Implement objective assessment processes , free from bias and fair to all candidates
  • Assess performance against defined job-related competencies
  • Use simulations and other tools relevant to the demands of the current or future job role
  • Develop cost effective tailored or bespoke exercises to meet your specific needs
  • Deliver assessment centres with suitably qualified, skilled and experienced a&dc assessors or develop in-house assessor capability through training
  • Use our expertise to ensure that best practice techniques result in high quality, cost effective recruitment decisions

Our AC-EXS ® range offers HR professionals the widest choice of reliable, ready-to-use, tailored, or fully bespoke Assessment & Development Centre Exercises. Find out more and select your exercises online today .

As one of the world’s leading firms in the Assessment Centre space, we are committed to providing centres of the highest standard.  As such, we adhere to the standards set out by The British Psychological Society, which can be found here. We are also founders of the UK Assessment Centre Group (UK-ACG), a special interest group committed to enhancing the design and delivery of Assessment Centres.

“I was impressed by the flexibility a&dc demonstrated from the outset. Our Account Manager took the time to listen to our requirements and delivered an appropriate solution, on time and on budget. I felt as though the consultants were a part of our business, which gave me peace of mind and confidence throughout. The fact that we can now demonstrate fair and objective employment selection gives us greater credibility and adds weight to our argument for fairness and objectivity in the workplace.”
Mike Spencer, Human Resources Director, Acas

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