History of a&dc

The behavioural assessment and development guru

Founded 28 years ago by CEO, Nigel Povah, a&dc are the leaders in behavioural assessment and development.  Nigel is a Chartered Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the BPS and a Founding Member of the Association of Business Psychologists.  Recognised in the assessment and development world for many of his published works, including ‘Assessment & Development Centres, ‘Assessment Centres and Global Talent Management,’ and ‘Succeeding at Assessment Centres for Dummies,’ he is also a well-known Chess International Master.

Nigel was a member of the BPS’ committee, which created the UK guidelines for best practice in the design and implementation of assessment and development centres, and he regularly presents papers at conferences on the subject, both within the UK and around the world.

This knowledge and focus on behavioural expertise, coupled with a strong entrepreneurial drive, delivers tangible business results for our clients.

Our people

Nigel surrounded himself with a large network of highly experienced and commercially minded consultants, both in-house and across the globe, making sure that we grew quickly from the word go.  Client Services and Product Development teams joined the ranks to support, develop and maintain our products and today we operate on a global scale.

Cutting edge tools

A cutting edge product range has supported a&dc’s core business from the very beginning. Over the years, this range has grown dramatically from just a few Assessment and Development Centre Exercises (AC-EXS®), to an offering of the world’s most extensive range!

Our product portfolio is constantly being developed and today includes situational judgement tests, online assessment centres, a competency-based interview generator, 360-degree feedback, a resilience questionnaire, an engagement questionnaire, an assessment centre toolkit, video group exercises and a system that facilitates paperless assessment and development centres.

Global Reach

Our consulting reach is so broad that we literally run assessment and development programmes anywhere and everywhere!  With an ever-increasing network of international alliances and business partners, a&dc’s products are also available worldwide.

Our Ambition

As the leaders in behavioural assessment and development, our ambition is to work with every one of our clients to develop and deliver a people strategy that guarantees tangible business results.