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  • BSc, MSc, CPsychol
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Lucy joined a&dc in 2001 as a summer intern whilst completing her degree at Warwick University.  She then joined a&dc on a full-time basis in 2004 as a Consultant and was sponsored by the company to complete her MSc in Occupational Psychology at Surrey University.  Lucy is now a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Consulting Director with a&dc.

Lucy has significant international experience having consulted in over 20 countries as well as having lived abroad. This allows her to provide clients with best practice advice coupled with an appreciation of how cultural difference and business context impacts talent strategy. Her specific area of interest looks at Context-Centred Leadership and how to ensure it is aligned with achieving strategic business goals.

Whilst at a&dc, she has managed and delivered a range of UK and international Talent Management projects.  These projects include identification of future leaders and best practice end-to-end assessment and development processes.   Lucy has worked extensively in the retail sector as well as with other public and private sector clients. Clients include Hasbro, European Space Agency, Working Links and Syngenta amongst others.

Lucy has written many articles, including an award winning article for People & Strategy Journal in the US on Context-Centred leadership and presented at numerous seminars and conferences. Lucy has a strong background in Assessment Centre methodology and co-authored the book ‘Succeeding at Assessment Centres for Dummies; contributed to an edited book on the psychology of Assessment Centers and a DVD on the Assessment Centre process for prospective candidates.