Development for Consultants

Consultants at a&dc are encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills and experience so that they can progress within the company through promotion.  a&dc ensures that they will be suitably equipped and experienced when the time comes to take on their new role.

The programme breaks down Consultants’ career development, outlining what knowledge, skills and experience they could expect to obtain. This is further broken down into the key areas of:

  • Client relationship management
  • Delivery
  • Project management
  • Internal projects & personal development

A guidelines document supports Consultants in determining where they are in their development and what they have left to achieve before becoming eligible for promotion.

“I was able to identify key areas for development, which helped me to clarify my career path, allowing me to direct my own progression and achieve promotion from Consultant to Senior Consultant and later onto Managing Consultant.”
Kate Sobczak, Managing Consultant, a&dc